Left Hand Image Personalised Image Mug (11oz) with Microwave Cake Kit


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Customise your own personalised image mug and make it unique. No one else will have a mug like this because you made it with love.

Upload your image and any words/phrase you’d like included. Change the design around as much as you like and when you’re happy with the design and ready to get it printed, upload it and leave the rest to us.

Maybe you like the design so much you want to make one for yourself too? Just change the quantity and get multiple of the same design, or make a different personalised image mug just for yourself!

Choose if you would like the image facing you when you’re holding the mug in your left or your right hand. Or maybe you’d like other people to see the image instead? The choice is yours! Or perhaps you’d like for the image to wrap right around your mug? That’s an option too!

Maybe you don’t want an image and you just want a funny phrase or maybe an inspirational quote? Go for it! Who am I to tell you what to do? This is your mug! Get creative! Make it fun! If you need some help, get in touch and our lovely graphic designer would be happy to give you some advice.

Once you’ve finalised the design, don’t forget to select the cake you want with it!

Each of these cakes kits are tried and test and made with love. We take the hard work out of the measuring and prepping of the ingredients, so all you need to do it mix them in your mug and microwave. Don’t worry all the instructions are included, so once you’ve eaten your cake if you’d like another one, just read the recipe card to recreate it. Sorry the second one you’ll have to prep yourself…. that is unless you want to order another!


Choose from one of the following microwave cake kits:

-Sticky Date Pudding


-Jam Doughnut

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 12.5 mm

Sticky Date Pudding, Brownie, Jam Doughnut


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